Durham & Co is pleased to announce UK charity Embrace Child Victims of Crime (CVOC) as a client.

The children’s charity was first established by police officers in Cheshire following a terrorist attack in Warrington in 1993.

It has grown to become a vital service for vulnerable young people right across the UK, providing counselling, practical and ‘cheer up’ support to help them and their families cope and recover from crime-based trauma.

Durham & Co will be working with the charity to raise its profile and to ensure its services can benefit even more young people in need.

The charity responds to referrals from police officers or safeguarding officers working with victims across the UK, the Channels Islands and Isle of Man, and helps more than 2,000 children each year.

It delivers one-to-one and group counselling and, in places where its services are fully funded, operates a ‘no wait’ policy for access to therapy.

To find out more about Embrace CVoC visit their website at www.embracecvoc.org.uk.